Spring Style of the little ones

Spring Style of the little ones

Friday, March 29th, 2019

My mailbox is filling up with wedding invites, my gray car is now green from pollen and I feel like all of my free time is spent at some sort of sports practice, oh and my inbox is overflowing with promotions…it obviously spring🌷

I had some time on my return flight from California and I went through my inbox when I could no longer answer work emails I distracted myself by cleaning out my promotions tab and truth be told I clicked on some and fell into an internet hole. Yes, I spent most of the flight online shopping but in my defense, I was shopping for my kids, not for myself (well most of it was for my kids ; )

Full disclosure – there are actually some good deals to be had right now. I hate spending a ton on kids clothes, but I still want them to look cute, sigh. My kids play hard and are growing like weeds so I really can’t justify spending a lot on something they will probably wear once – I am talking about an Easter outfit or a suit for a wedding, special event clothing. Anyways, I found some super cute, completely affordable special occasion children’s clothing and I wanted to share – there might be a few high ticket items in the mix but for the most part very reasonable!


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