August 6, 2009


A few things in my house have been picked up at a dump, and off the side of the road. I just wanted to show them to you. Really, I can’t believe I’m putting these up, but this is what is going on in our life and in my little house. Obviously it’s all very unfinished at the moment. And these are all some ridiculously bad iphone pictures.

The chairs are mid century, shown here without their cushions (we only took one set to match for size, which smell like mildew and hot sweaty old beer). I plan on covering them in a wild, crazy, colorful ikat. They were FREE! Ha, free because they were in the trash covered in black garbage bags full of beer cans at our camp in Louisiana. Hence, the name: dumpster chairs. (oh, and those books stacked against the wall are waiting for a bookshelf, which will be floor to ceiling, painted the wall color, when it gets chosen)

The side tables are also a little mid century looking. Not my favorite look of all time, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to free and almost free furniture. So, the plan with these is to lacquer them black. Shiny, high gloss, fancy looking black. With some new hardware. I paid a whopping $20 each for these bad boys.

This horrendous photo is of a cane seat chair with a broken seat. I’m a sucker for cane. I’m thinking of wallpapering my powder bath in a cane wallpaper. This chair was also $20 from a garage sale. It obviously needs re-caning, and re-staining. That metal blob on top of it is this great sculpture we have of New Zealand, I gave it to Tim as a wedding gift. It’s probably going to look a bit better on the wall, when the room is painted! Stay tuned…

So, whataya think? Tim asked me if all of our furniture was going to come from trash! Well…if a girl like me wants custom upholstery, she’s gotta meet him half way with some bargains, deals, steals and cheap thrills.



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