February 17, 2010

Tory Burch in India

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend Courtney off on her adventure to India! Thinking about her trip has reminded me to reflect on our trip that we took there 18 months ago. India was my favorite country we went to on our around the world trip; nothing beats the culture, colors, beauty and sounds of India! I just came across some images of Tory Burch’s trip to India last fall. Boy, I wished I had looked that good when I traveled by train and rickshaw all around India!
Tory visited Anokhi’s block printing factory, what an incredible place that must be! I loved shopping at Anokhi in Delhi and Jaipur. I still wear my Anokhi tunic all the time around Houston!

Tory also went to the Gem Palace in Jaipur, an absolute MUST when visiting India. It’s jewelry heaven…I nearly died in there over excitement. My favorites are the uncut diamond bracelet bangles…gorgeous.

Seeing these images are so inspiring for anyone into jewelry, textiles, and fashion, architecture, or interiors; I hope to get back there sooner than later!



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