March 25, 2010

The Real Life of….

My dentist told me yesterday, while I was in the chair, with a mouth block and about 5 tubes stuck in there, that she’d love to be my partner in crime and drive around all day in my front seat. She said she imagines it to be so much fun to shop for furniture and home decor all day long. And that she’d love to hire me but she couldn’t afford me. I was thinking to myself, this is it! This is the time I can ask her to swap services! Remember my plan?! I can’t afford HER! Of course I couldn’t speak, or respond back to her and after 2.5 hours, I was just dying to get out of there. I totally threw my dreams of our trade agreement out the window and busted out of there as quick as possible.

Ok. Let’s keep this real for a second. First of all I love my job, my life and my chosen career path. I’m not 100% supporting myself through my own business yet, but am on the way. It’s not as glamorous as just driving around shopping all day. A lot of the furniture I supply is custom made. Made in work rooms and factories all over this city, not in the finest parts of town. It has to be measured, designed, drawn. Fabrics, trims and finishes have to be selected. It’s a lot more than popping into Ethan Allen and buying a sofa off the showroom floor. Also, I’d love to show y’all where she’d be riding in my car if this were to happen. Check this madness out. At 7am this morning that seat was completely covered with stuff, I had to move most of it to the back so Tim could sit there. I almost cried going out to take these pictures.
I can’t believe I live in this mess all the time.
It’s constant. It’s my office. The sad part is that I was thinking this was sorta ‘clean’ cause I emptied 4 rolls of fabric out of there late yesterday afternoon. Welcome to the real life of Meg Lonergan: LeSueur Interiors. AND just for the record. I’m not out of her price range, she’s never asked me what I charge. My book keeper says I’m ‘competitive’, not er, cheap.


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