March 12, 2010

The Boyfriend Jean

I kinda ignored this trend last year. My sister was on the cutting edge wearing them all the time, with heals, flats, teeshirts and silk. I’m a little late on the boyfriend jean thing, surprise surprise. I popped into Banana Republic last week to look for some baggy shorts (ps, baggy shorts are impossible to find, Jcrew’s ‘boyfriend’ shorts are teeny). I ended up winning a 50% off card when I walked in, so of course I stocked up on a new leather tote, Tim got some new work shirts, some basic tanks….and boy friend jeans. I haven’t taken them off. Not one day. Tim hates them. HATES them. He says they look like, quote unquote, “Liz Claiborne“. How on earth does he even know what Liz Claiborne is? Then he made a hilarious reference to a high school computer teacher of ours. (Kate you’re probably laughing your head off) Moral of the story, they are insanely comfortable, I highly recommend them. And good thing I’m not trying to pick up a boyfriend, because boys hate them. But you know what? Surviving 100 degree Houston heat this summer in those baggy things is going to be a breeze!


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