June 2, 2009


These Pierre Frey wallpapers have a little something for everyone! I love the variety of looks, especially that foreign alphabet one! As I walk through different houses (we are officially house hunting), I try to imagine all the possibilities…they are endless! I like the look of a bold colorful wallpaper in a small space. A little old bungalow is what we’re after. We’ll have to try modern when we’ve got a different budget!

I keep getting drawn to the lots with the best landscaping and trees as opposed to the house! I know I can change a kitchen and put new floors in. But a 100 year old tree is hard to replace. What is it with me and trees these days? I think it’s all the crepe myrtle’s that are in bloom…they are stunning! The Texas summer heat definitely is manageable when you’ve got a big shady tree in your yard to hang out around!



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