May 21, 2009

Stylin' in Singapore

I love to go inside people’s homes, I can’t help but look around, I often get caught staring! Even though my family lived in Singapore for 10 years, it was a rare opportunity to get to peak inside the home of a local Singaporean. Wanna snoop around with me?

This is no old fashioned typical Shop House~

I love looking at modern architecture and interiors. I was born and raised in the south, taught to appreciate a traditional approach. I grew up surrounded by brick, honey colored Cyprus, lace cafe curtains, and crown molding. Living in New Zealand opened a whole new world to me as far as architecture and interiors. The Kiwi’s are far more European in their style than us Americans. Their current architecture is clean, modern, open, with no fuss or fluff. I kinda like it. It’s refreshing, and opposite to what is comfortable to me. I like that modern spaces spark a little curiosity in me. When I look at modern rooms, I start to think, ‘can I live there?’ ‘Where’s their stuff?’ ‘Don’t those white lacquered kitchen cabinets get dirty?’…

Sometimes driving around in the West University area of Houston, I see Bauhaus inspired town homes and apartments and think, is this where we are headed? Or are these homes out of place in the south, here in Houston? In 30 years are people going to be wanting this modern look? Is buying one of these places a good investment? Do I love this look? Am I one of the few people (like the architect and owner) who likes this? In 30 years are people going to be itching to live in these homes? Are they going to be eye sores or the highest priced real estate?

I become more and more intrigued each time I see one, amidst all the old school, typical brick and timber homes that are around them. Or even worse, the brand spanking new ‘Tuscany Villa’ or ‘Chalet from Provence’ that have just been built across the street. Those are a little out of place, especially when they have no yard. But these modern homes (they look more like boxes) with corrugated iron and sharp lines seem to look so attractive to me! I’m sure tons of people are looking at them saying, “that is so hideous, and is ruining our precious neighborhood.” But that is the easy reaction, to dislike; people don’t like different, and they definitely don’t like change. So as Tim and I begin the search to buy our first home, I’m sort of caught between two worlds. The world of the 1920’s bungalow with wood floors, charming molding and character all the way, the easy/no brainer choice, ….or a clean, modern, loft type space that is more or less ‘cutting edge’ (Tim’s aesthetic and choice all the way)…..Any thoughts or advice?



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