December 12, 2008

Style City

We’re in London now. Have you been? It’s VERY stylish here. I’ve been to London before, but this time it’s winter, and everyone is wearing fabulous boots and adorable coats. Seriously, everyone looks uh-may-zing. Drool worthy. Satoralist material at every tube station. I keep having this discussion in my head, “Is London the most fashionable city?” Hum…still trying to decide. London definitely wins the most courageous and creative award! Here are my top 5 favorite fashionistas representing their cities:


Kate Moss. Enough Said. She’s my #1 (sans the drugs and loser boyfriend, sorry love).


Carla Bruni. Her style is classic, polished…it transcends time. She makes even politics look fabulous!


Sarah Jessica Parker. No one rules the Red Carpet better than SJP.

LOS ANGELES: I want to change her city to the more superior San Francisco, but that’s cheating a little.

Cameron Diaz. From bikinis to ripped jeans, she makes casual so so cool.

THE SOUTH: (had to put a southern girl and southern style up here!)

Reese Witherspoon. She’s so cute, so preppy, the poster child for young moms!

So….which do you choose? And to think I’m having this mini contest in my head when I haven’t even been to Rio, Tokyo or Berlin yet!



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