June 22, 2009

So many sofas…

I’m already thinking/planning out what type of sofa I’m going to have made for our new house. Here’s a sneak peak of it by the way:

We don’t close until mid July, but I think it’s pretty much a done deal and we’re in the clear, so I thought a little photo sharing won’t jinx anything! It’s old,Victorian, turn of the century. It sits almost 5ft off the ground and has a sweet tea vodka-drinking front porch. I’m in love!

Ok, back so sofa decisions. I’m caught between two looks:

Soft curved arm, like these, with a deep deep seat and lots of loose back cushions…

Or something boxy, where you can fit right inside, where the arms hold you in snug. Masculine and strong, like these…

Or maybe something in between like this…I like how leggy it is…and those sleek arms…

Humm…what do you think? I have some boxy little square arm chairs that will sit with the sofa, found at a dumpster. Yep, a dumpster. They are sitting in my mom’s attic right now, waiting to be recovered. They are mid century from an old famous furniture store in New Orleans from the 50’s-60’s called Hurwitz Mintz. (Not sure what this store is like today, but it was very classy 50 years ago!) When my mom saw the tag under the beer soaked cushion, she said, you’ve got to take them. So we’ve got them, don’t worry, I’ll do some great before and after photos!



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