June 5, 2009


Ok, we’ve only been officially house hunting for one week and we already lost one! Does this happen to everyone when you’re looking for a house? This home was turned into a PR/Marketing company. There were no interior shots on the website. But when I drove by it, on a corner lot, all I could focus on was the 3 oak trees, back yard and front porch potential. It needed some fixing up but the land was beautiful (even despite the chain link fence). The second day I went back with my Realtor (and it wasn’t allowed to be shown for some reason) so we just peered in the windows, and then got caught. The lady inside said she had two contracts on it. TWO. In only TWO days of being on the market. And who says the economy is bad? At least know I know a good one when I see it! (oh, don’t mind those hideous burglar bars on the windows, those would be the first thing to go. exposing the beautiful thin glass original windows, priority) But Tim was like, why do they even need to have those burglar bars on it in the first place?…I just ignored that question…anyway, it’s too bad it’s gone gone now. Sad. I’ve seen pretty much everything available in the area we’re looking, so for now it’s a waiting game….and a good opportunity to practice my patience!



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