September 5, 2008

Singapore Zoo

Tim absolutely loves the Singapore Zoo! He’s been coming here since he was 18 months old..and wanted to get married here..I kid you not.. We went yesterday and here are some pictures..I love the second favorite animal..they don’t have pandas 🙁 But I love the Elephants of Asia!

This guy could be a poster child for Tiger Beer!

How adorable are these school kids? They were all holding hands…and speaking Singlish..It was so cute!



  1. Big C

    hehe poached your link from alnur….singapore zoo rocks! not sure i would get married there though cause i’d be sweating through my suit in about 10 minutes. don’t forget to divert your trip through the philippines! hahaha

    take care guys hope it’s all going great. catch you soon no doubt

  2. Meg

    haha, love the note big c!

    Yea, it’s blazing hot here…I forget how hot it I ready for texas? Help!

    keep reading..and sorry we’ll miss you at nate’s wedding! say hi to everyone for us 😉

  3. Easter

    Well said.


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