June 17, 2009

Show Me The Money

One of the main reasons we took a quick trip to New Orleans last weekend was to check out, The Bank. Not like a money bank, more like a bank of architectural antiques. The real money! It was a blast. Here’s what we saw…

I’m looking for some little louvered shutters to divide my kitchen/laundry in my new house!! I am obsessed with the old cypress ones!

If The Bank was loaning out 5 paneled doors, I’d grab one for each door in my new house!

Old hardware on everything!! Mmmm

Miss Mendi is looking at getting some antique shutters such as these to hang over a fire place that conceal a TV in her new house! I LOVED this black peeling paint with hints of green underneath, and the exposed cypress! We were inspired by the scale and patina of these. Once you know what size you are looking for, you can pretty much customize anything, finish, stain, size, hardware etc…(My parents are in the process of buying a lot in Georgia, starting to build within the year!!!) There were a few over-sized iron crosses that were so beautiful!

This door was HUGE. See the normal sized mantle in front of it?! So many ideas, so many projects, so much great stuff!

Love love love ‘New Orleans’ green!

There is also an entire room of hardware….the grave yard of porcelain knobs!

If you’re headed to New Orleans or building in the south, I would highly highly recommend going to The Bank to stock up on some great architectural elements for your project! The ideas are endless! Once we close on our house and start making it our own, I’ll definitely be putting some ‘Bank’ finds to good use! Stay tuned….



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