August 14, 2008

She has RABIES?

No no no..not quite yet. But we’re preventing ourselves from getting the big “R”. Every year in America there are reportedly like 30 cases of Rabies. Every year in India, there are reportedly like 30 billion cases of Rabies. Both my sister and sister-in-law have been to India, without protection. Being the wild and krazy twosome that they are, they lived dangerously, on the edge and didn’t get vaccinated. Not really, it was more like this place didn’t think their students might get bitten.

Anyway…chances are we’ll be totally fine, believe me..I’m not the type to go running up to pet random dogs, I can barely pet dogs I know and like…. and NEVER random monkeys. Ewww. But Rabies is fatal. And the only cure once infected is a blood transfusion. In India, they transfuse you with horse blood …if you’re lucky enough to get that.

(side note: I haven’t been watching enough Grey’s lately, so excuse my crude medical explanations)

So, this is a chance we are not willing to take… Tim said that we’d be the biggest joke in history if we went to India, got bitten by wild rabid dogs and monkeys, couldn’t get horse blood in time, and died. And if we’d be lucky enough to live, we might turn into that cheeky horse!

(side note 2 : I’m not lying about the horse blood transfusion thing..promise)

I’m leaving in like 5 mintues to go get my first Rabies vaccination shot. Urgh.
What a pain in the ass arm!! It’s pretty much the very LAST way I’d choose to spend $130. (and this is the 1st of 3 rounds of shots+ my husbands…you do the math = Annoying)



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