February 18, 2009

Rockin' Lady

I fortunately lived in Paris for an unfortunately short period of time, really there is never enough time for Paris. Lately everyone has been wanting to dress like the French. Yep, Parisian women are pretty fabulous and are known for their effortless style. Browsing through Jill Stuart’s gorgeous Fall 2009 ready to wear collection has made me want to move back to Paris and live there forever. Why? The clothes look like Paris. They remind me of Paris. They take me back. I’ve been dreaming since I saw them. American designed, made for living in Paris!

I love the mostly all black and monochromatic tones. I love the ‘naughty but nice’ juxtaposition. I love the masculine fedoras, rocker chick jackets mixed with skin tight lace and ruffled skirts. They are sophisticated but flirty. I could wear them forever, while living in Paris forever. Yep, I’d walk down my 74 stairs to my boulangerie for a pain au chocolat in these clothes. I’d pop into the Sephora on the corner of my Metro stop for a little treat, in these clothes. I’d wander around the Tour Eiffel and watch the brides being photographed in these clothes. I’d spend a sunny afternoon at Musée Rodin in these clothes. I’d buy an old painting in an alleyway of Monmontre in these clothes. I’d drink endless cappuccinos in the Marais in these clothes. I’d spin, twirl and dance in Sainte-Chappelle in these clothes. I’d dig around at a marche aux puces in these clothes. I’d pretty much eat, drink, live and sleep in these clothes.

Ok, I’m finished dreaming, a little exhausted, in the mood to look up fantasy flights to Paris. If you’re planning on going to Paris anytime soon, don’t tell me because I’d get too jealous and then feel bad…thanks!



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