March 30, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I love this house. Sorry about the pics, they are scanned. When our shipment came from New Zealand a few weeks ago, I sliced open the box “desk” first. Sitting on the very top, about to be sliced, were about 20 tattered and torn pages, ripped from Vogue Living: Australia. They were just stuffed into the box at the very last minute. I couldn’t possibly leave the country without these pages and I could see my desperation and panic in saving them at the last minute by throwing them looseygoosey in the box! I had a big crack up at myself, and then got a bit aggravated at my complete disorganization. Vogue Living, by the way, is one of my very favorite shelter mag’s. I think I’m going to order myself a subscription here in Houston now that Domino is gone. Ok, now for the good stuff…

I’m totally obsessed with the rug. It was the first thing I noticed, old kilims patched together. You can get them at ABC in NYC…I totally want to take a trip to New York and pick up one of these rugs while I’m there. I also love the Zettel’z‘ Love Letter Chandelier light, I always thought one of these would be cool in a kitchen with recipes and drawings by your children.

Love that Chinese emerald green, remember? Also the screen is amazing, which is from Singapore. I find all of the colorful aboriginal artwork so beautiful.
There’s that rug again! The owner describes her space as this, “I wanted to celebrate Sydney. It is a joy to wake up to the beautiful morning light, the airiness. You feel quite calm in here. It is like a jewel box in quite a frenetic, mad little place. It is close to the harbor and watery and tropical. You wouldn’t find it in London or Melbourne or New York.” I’m absolutely dying to go to Sydney now!

I really love the bedroom, it’s so calm and soft. Her bed is a 19th century piece from Lille, France. The full length plantation shutters that lead to the ‘boudoir’ (a sunroom where she has two arm chairs facing each other under a marble mantelpiece) make my heart skip a little!

Ok that’s all. I love the use of white, but with all of the color and personality. I also love the contemporary lines, which in this case feel so comfortable because of the ethnic and Asian accessories and details. Mmmmm….



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