January 15, 2009

Piece by Piece

Over the past 4 months I’ve collected things (each one relating to home decor) in each country we visited…piece by piece, I can see a home being put together! Of course Tim has no concept of this (and thought we had bought too many ‘reminders’ and ‘memories’), but I created a whole guest room scheme based on one quilt we bought in Jaipur, India! This week blog readers are enjoying a sweet discount offered by Pieces through here, here and here. Since I’ve been pretty much living in a dream world for a while now, (I mean, decorating a non existent house while traveling through Egypt, India and Bali? Who does that?) I immediately began scouring the site looking for things to go with the quilt and other precious items that are stacked in my mother’s closet! I checked out the lamps first. After all, I couldn’t carry lamps in our backpacks on buses and trains. Oh how I love lamps, all of them. I love lamps made out of things. Like these:
And these:
After living in Asia for a number of years I’m naturally drawn to the Foo Dogs and Kuan Yins of this world and think they look lovely all dressed up with a shade! Just this week Miss Mendi and I dropped off some Burmese offering bowls like the one below to be made into lamps for her living room. I think they will give the room a more contemporary feel and will look fabulous with the drum shades we picked out for them. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures when we get them back for you to take a look!



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