March 13, 2009

Paris in 4 days

My aunt went to Paris for the first time on Wednesday. I’m envious but extremely happy for her, everyone should see Paris once in their lives! I emailed her letting her know what I would do if I’d never been to Paris, and only had 4 days there. I thought I’d share with y’all just in case you’re going to Paris, or you dream of going there one day and want to jot down these notes for your future plans!

Eat: Every morning I’d have a butter croissant on the way to my metro. If it was a Saturday or Sunday, I might treat myself to an almond one, or a chocolate one. If I’d had too much to drink the night before, I could definitely down two of them! If I was only there for 4 days, I’d be eating all three for breakfast! Now, I’d have lunch at either, Cafe de Flore or Les Deaux Magots. Very trendy, St. Germaine cafe’s, all of the who’s who during fashion week flock there, it was Hemmingways place to hang, the ultimate people watching, champagne and salad? Sounds like the best lunch to me! Dinner, I’d go to L’atelier de Joel Robechon. I had the fortunate experience of having lunch there, it was devine. I’d call a million time to try to get a table, and do my best to get in. If I couldn’t get in, I’d make reservations at Le Grand Colbert. Tim took me there when he visited me in Paris, it’s where Jack & Diane go in Something’s Got to Give. It’s very traditional French, lovely ambiance, great food. I remember our reservations were at 10:30, it was the only time we could get. Tim was upset because he was missing the end of a rugby match played in Paris that night, I believe France/England were playing. When we got to the restaurant we were like the only ones there, apparently it’s not cool to have dinner before 11:30 in Paris! By midnight the restaurant was packed. We definitely felt foolish for thinking we were going to be the last ones eating…but enjoyed every bit!

Drink: I’m sure there are much trendier, cooler places to go these days. Circa 2004 my routine was to have a drink or two at the Buddha Bar or Hotel Costes, and then dance the night away at Man Ray.

See: The usual things like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Cour, the Louvre are all the obvious choices. For me, I prefer Sainte Chappelle, Pompidou Museum, Musee de Monmonet (all Monet’s, unbelieveable), Musee Rodin (and old home surrounded by gorgeous gardens), a picnic on Ilse St. Louis, behind Notre Dame, wathcing the Baton Mouche’s cruise up and down the Seine, Jardin Luxembourge is devine.

Shop: I’d spend my time in the Marais, the trendy 4th arrondisment, drinking capacinos and shopping in the darling boutiques. St. Germaine de Pres has a great marche aux puces on the weekends, and of course I wouldn’t miss Rue Rivoli for window shopping all the finest designer labels. Collette would be a must, and Galleries Lafayete


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