April 21, 2009

Orderly Disorganization

Meet stylist Elisa Nalin. Follow me into her home in Paris…

She’s a total mess, I love it. It’s good to see a mess every now and then. Makes people seem real. Her home isn’t obviously styled and fixed for this shoot. I like that too.

I’m also a total mess. I try to be organized, I even use that word to describe myself, but that’s slightly exaggerated! I’m actually a kinda messy person that really wants to be organized and neat. Elisa reminds me that it’s cool to be a mess!

This little car is adorable for riding around Paris. It’s probably a Porche or something, I don’t know much about cars, I just like this one’s size and color!

Who knew stairs could be so lovely? Only in Paris! Everything is beautiful in Paris! I love these stairs leading to her apartment, reminds me of when I also lived in Paris and had to hike up 74 stairs every time I wanted to come home! The old, worn wood is beautiful, and I love those checkered floors!

Lastly, her shoe collection! Gorgeous! She finds all of her lovely things at the ‘vide greniers‘ in Paris, mini neighborhood flea markets, literally: attic sales or car boot sales. What a colorful life Elisa leads!



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