March 11, 2009

New Orleans Charm

Being from Louisiana, I was raised to appreciate a traditional decor, it’s all the rage down here! Living in different places around the world I’ve been influenced by Asian antiques and art, European modern & designer furniture, and Australian/New Zealand simplicity. I like all looks, everything! How does one define their style when they appreciate it all?

Ever since I have seen Melissa Rufty’s work featured on Style Court…I’ve been obsessing. Her use of color is so uplifting, inspiring and fun, I just can’t get enough! She has traditional undertones, but it’s unpretentious, it’s comfortable. It’s sophisticated, but not serious. I love it. I love that she lives in New Orleans; such a creative, inspiring, place full of personality…just like her rooms! One of her beliefs is that a room shouldn’t look like everything arrived on the same day, isn’t that the truth?!



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