July 28, 2009

Moving is Tough.

Ahh. I’m exhausted. 3 days of full on moving, boxes, paper, mess. I’m so over it. But I love our new house, even in the mess. It’s pretty crazy, to open our belongings after being away from them for one full year. It’s amazing how you can easily survive WITHOUT things. How you forget what you even have. You probably forget because, things are not important. It’s also amazing what you decide not to throw away when you’re paying an exorbitant amount to ship junk across the Pacific ocean. Geez. Lets just say some stuff got unpacked, only to be thrown straight in a Salvation Army pile. I wish I could take stuff back to India with me on a backpack and give it to those really in need. Anyway…take this advice, if you’re moving overseas, or down the road for that matter, just minimize, minimize, minimize.

My parents came over for a pop in visit on Friday night, pizza and beer in hand. They were oohing and ahhing over how this is the one of the most fun things you can ever do, fix up your first house. Meanwhile I was actually trying to hold back tears because it’s overwhelming, I want it fixed up now, and not messy. I think that is one characteristic of my generation. Impatience. I need to learn and practice better patience. I’m only going to complain about one more thing… Buying irons, vacuums, blenders, toasters, ironing boards, brooms, mops, buckets, toilet brushes, and all other cleaning supplies are quite possibly the most un-fun things to spend money on. I know it’s all supposed to be great, ‘playing house’. But I’d rather be spending those pennies on fabrics, rugs, pillows and paint. Who’s with me? Oh, and if I could find my camera cord, to charge my camera, I’d upload some photos. For now you’ll have to wait, besides, you don’t even want to see pictures of this mess! 🙂



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