May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Recap

Over the weekend we drove 4 hours to spend Mother’s day with my Mom and Maternal Grandparents!!! It was a quick trip, mostly spent eating, laughing, eating and occasionally taking a tour of my grandmother’s pretty garden. Oh, and my Mom has decided to do a black and white photo wall in her house, so we thumbed through hundreds of old photos trying to pick the best ones, looking through those had us in stitches!

Grandmother’s back yard is gorgeous right now! She has the best back porch!

Here are some things about Grandmother, she serves her famous (generations old recipe) barbecue sauce in a Mason jar. It’s so country chic don’t you think?

She makes salads with home grown tomatoes, veges and just a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So simple, and delicious!

Grandmother is really practical, and prefers plants to flowers, then she can plant them in her yard and watch them grow season after season. Miss Mendi, my mom, brought her this gorgeous huge hydrangea, it was lovely! That will surely be transplanted later this summer!

My grandfather is so current, he wears cools sneakers that he calls his, “Willie Nelsons”. He even let Tim borrow some when Tim only had flip flops. We couldn’t go down to the club house and listen to a Cajun band in flip flops!!

This is just a group of people who like to get together, play music and sing. We went along to listen and laugh, and drink Gin and Tonic’s! What a fun night!

On the walk home we passed another beautiful home. I used to think outdoor drapes were kinda stupid. But this house, back porch, and yard changed my mind! I have a new appreciation for outdoor draperies!

I didn’t even get one photo of me, my mom, my sister and my Grandmother. We were too busy eating, laughing, and gabbing! Next time!



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