Tour a Colorful Texas Home With Tons of Brilliant Touches

A Colorful Home

Decorating with oodles of colors is all about balance. Just ask Stephanie Freeman, who squeezed as much turquoise, fuchsia, and chartreuse into her Houston, Texas, house as she could get past her husband, Brian Tison, and designer Meg Lonergan. “Some homeowners need to be pushed out of their comfort zone — I needed to be reined in,” says Stephanie. Her passion for color dates back to her teen years, when she would fill her bedroom with bright bedding and prints — a stark contrast to the dark woods and deep earth tones of her parents’ house. Stephanie was able to go all out in 2017, when she and Brian replaced their 1940s bungalow with a bigger build. Now they have a vibrant sofa, funky patterned fabrics sprinkled everywhere and a show-stopping turquoise stove, all living in harmony with a neutral backdrop. “Not everything can be a wild color or pattern,” says Stephanie. “I’ve learned that’s a good thing.”