January 8, 2009

Market Research

Instead of putting in some hard hours on my business plan today, I did some ‘market research’ with Miss Mendi here:

The store has gorgeous, feminine furniture…normally not my fave, but it’s all class. Not to mention owned and operated by a 27 year old. Inspirational? Yes! I’m a huge fan. I drooled over an antique Swedish gateleg table while Miss Mendi fell in love with a $12,000 French fauteuil. We had a coffee next door and moved on…to Hemline. I know, I know, not exactly furniture or interiors… but I could meet a potential client in there you know…

I begged Miss Mendi to buy this Twelfth Street dress (50% off!)….she got another one instead, I couldn’t allow myself to try it on..no new clothes until I’ve actually sold something through my pretty much pretend business…So far, I haven’t gotten anything major accomplished in Houston, but I LOVE living in the same city as my mama!



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