February 6, 2009

Love it or Hate it? Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga..ever tried it? It’s hot. Burning blazing hot. Like you feel like you’re going to die hot. 90 minutes of stretching and breathing in a room that is over 100 degrees hot. I love it, absolutely love it. My husband used to think I was crazy, he used to tell me if I wanted to exercise I should just go for a run. I made him promise me he’d try one class before he ever said that again. He’s been practicing about 4 times a week ever since. We’re obsessed. 3 1/2 years later, I’m still struggling, I should say practicing, during each and every class. I think it will take me 90 years to get my feet to touch my head! (these are our teachers in Christchurch who are beautiful and amazing!)

Some days I go through those 90 minutes in a daze, a sort of trance-like meditation, it’s as easy as pie and feels like 9 minutes. Other days I can feel every single drop of sweat, I fight with my own mind, get discouraged, and constantly have to tell myself, “No, you’re not going to die in this classroom.” Some days I watch my leg appear over my head and I bend backwards further than I have ever gone. Other days I can’t even touch my toes, focus or calm my breathing. It’s a constant practice, and continuous learning experience. It’s a mental work out as much as a physical one, and I swear it’s cheaper than therapy. I recommend anyone to ‘give it a go’, as they say in New Zealand! I’m always trying to drag friends and co-workers to yoga with me. I realize it’s not every one’s favorite thing to do, struggle and sweat constantly for an extended period of time. But it’s my favorite and I’m just trying to spread the yoga-love! A fashionista friend recently inspired me to re-think my yoga gear. How cute are these outfits…love the little shorts.

And I love this poncho number, of course you could never wear that in an actual Bikram class…but it’s perfect for before and after! Who am I kidding, these days I can barely afford yoga, much less new clothes to sweat in! Since I’m dreaming right now, let’s talk about taking a little yoga-holiday. Yes. Retreat time. That would be heaven. You can book a trip through here, to go to Spain for a little yoga vacay. It’s for the ‘pampered yogi’. Come take a peek at this place

You can sleep here:
Or here:
Nice bathrooms? Check!
After you’ve had a great practice, you can read European design magazines in these hammocks. Heaven!!!!
Or, go take a nap in a tepee. How cool is that?

Enjoy a Spanish meal and drink tea with all of your new found friends.

And after a week of intense yoga, treat yourself to any treatment under the Spanish sun! Massage? Check!
Love it? Or hate it?



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