February 20, 2009

Jai Ho!

Dear Dev, Freida & Danny, and to all of the people of India,

On Sunday night, I really hope you win all of your Oscar nominations. No, I did not see every film nominated, but I loved yours. I fortunately spent some time in India recently, it was magical. Your film captured the sounds, sights, color and excitement of India to perfection. Not to mention the fun song and dance at the end, the best part! After the horrific Mumbai bombings, I feel like Bollywood, Bombay and the people of India could use the fame and recognition of that little gold man. So here’s to you! Best of luck, my fingers are crossed!

Your #1 fan,


Ps, ‘Jai ho’ means “May you win”. Perfect! Listen to this song, get up out of your chair, smile, sing, have a little dance, it will make you feel good.



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