It's Gettin' Hatta in Here!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Yesterday Tim and I had the best day ever!!! We took a little trip to the desert..and landed in Oman! We didn’t get our passports stamped or anything, but our phone received a text message from the telecom company ‘welcome to Oman’! This desert was nothing like Arizona or New Mexico….there was sand as far as your eyes could see, and wild camels roaming the land!

The little town we went to was called Hatta, but Tim wanted to drive 19km off-road to find the Hatta Pools. Our first little mistake was when I sorta lost the map underneath my seat..wups. Thank the Lord we aren’t on this show right now, we’d be that annoying couple that you just feel embarrassed for when they start screaming at each other when the map gets misplaced. I almost ‘sabo-ed’ (aka sabotaged) Tim’s favorite place in the U.A.E.

Don’t worry, we made up! HI!

After driving about 2 hours, in our killer rental car, we arrived here! Phew. Our car is a old Toyota Corola that has no power locks, so aggravating. It got totally thrashed on this drive. Wups. We would have rented a cute Jeep Wrangler if we weren’t calling every rental car place in Dubai asking, “What is your cheapest car?”.
Anyway, so we arrived at the Wadi, or valley, or dried up river bed. It was HOT. I can sort of understand ‘desert hot’ now, and it’s the cool time of year! But after walking a little way I realized all the ‘fuss’ we went through trying to get here was worth it!

We couldn’t wait to get in! The water was surprisingly chilly, which wasn’t a problem because it was so hot! There were fish in there nibbling on our legs like this!

There I am swimming along in this desert oasis!

There’s Tim jumping off this cliff like a maniac. If our children have the same ‘risk profile’ as him, I’m in serious trouble.

Then we walked all along this Wadi, you could see and hear little waterfalls and pools of water 20 feet below us!

Of course Tim made me climb on down in there…so scary. He literally had to pull me down and pick me up out of those rock caves. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it was really spectacular. We felt like the only people on earth down here! We swam through different pools and found this waterfall. Unfortunately I couldn’t take my camera to the best places because we were underwater and had to use both hands. You’ll just have to go there yourself to see how amazing it was!This is the view looking up!

This is the second part we had to climb down…looks easier than it was, there was a 5 ft vertical wall Tim had to climb, and that I had to be boosted up!

I was so happy I went down it in the end!

This was looking back where we’d come from after walking about 1 km back to our car! We decided on the drive home, this was the best day so far of our trip. We’d snorkeled with sea turtles and sharks in Malaysia, seen volcanoes and biked all over Bali, stood in front of the Taj Mahal, but this was the best. It was just so different, unexpected…and off the beaten track! Truly Magical!

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