June 18, 2009

If it makes you happy….

Alek over at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, tagged me last week, 6 un-interesting things that make me happy. I’m a little late to check in. Of course. Ok, here goes finally!

The other night I was guilty of putting down my Vogue to listen to Sheryl Sandberg speak on a podcast through Standford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar. Sounds very academic huh? My husband listens to these podcasts of influential movers & shakers every other day pretty much. I actually found this one so interesting and inspiring, Vogue couldn’t even keep my attention! She’s the COO of facebook, but most of her advice applies to any career or business owner, I learned a lot from listening to her, she’s mega smart! Ok, so uninteresting and dorky? Check! But it makes me happy because I’m listening and learning about being a business owner.

My car seat is always this filthy. I am constantly hauling around light fixtures, rugs, fabric samples, bar stools, chairs, fabric rolls, you name it, it’s in my car. Between working part time as a design assistant for a firm and part time for my own business…I live in my car up to my neck in paperwork, receipts, fabric samples. It’s messy and cluttered. But I’m doing what I love, so that makes me happy.

I am obsessed with pugs, I think baby black pugs are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. They are so lovey and sweet. I want one. My husband thinks they are dawg ugly and wants nothing to do with them. The jury is still out. They make me happy.

I buy shoes at Target. They are all cheap and I swear, I get more compliments on them than my expensive shoes. If you buy them online, they always have your size. It’s my little secret that is now out. Whala! Finding a cute pair of shoes for a bargain definitely makes me happy! I have these, and they look good for how inexpensive they are!

I have a very hard time functioning without coffee. I like any kind, strong, weak, black, white. A cappuccino in the afternoon can be one of life’s simplest and most enjoyable pleasures. I can remember one time when I lived in Paris I went shopping one day in the Marais all afternoon. I ended up stopping and having a 6 cappuccino. Now, at that time, for my poor student self, that was really really breaking the bank. They aren’t even big. But it was delicious and makes me happy, totally worth it!

Sweating in 106 degree heat for 90 minutes four times a week makes me incredibly happy! It calms my mind and stretches every part of my body. The room is stinky, it’s hard hard work, you’re drenched in sweat and some days I feel like I’m backtracking in my practice, but Bikram Yoga makes me beyond happy!



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