June 3, 2010

Identical Fabric Twin

Remember that Friends episode when Joey is in Vegas and finds his “identical hand twin”? Well, I think I found my “identical fabric twin” today. Ever since I saw it I can’t stop thinking about it. After spending a few hours at the Decorative Center today, I got in my car, and I ran errands with it in my lap. Like obsessed. Completely obsessed. If a cop pulled me over (which has actually happened to me TWICE in the last week, I’ll leave that one for another day) he’d be like, “Excuse me ma’am, why do you have fabric draped in your lap?” And I’d just explain, “Well sir, this is my identical fabric twin.”
It’s Lee Jofa, which I love. It’s a crewel, which I love. It’s handmade, in India, which I love. It’s colorful, which I love. Take a lookey here at my fabric twin…. 
I came home today SO excited about my discovery. The only person to share it with was my brother, who we hired to help us finish painting our house. When I showed it to him (he’s colorblind) he couldn’t fully understand my passion, mostly because he couldn’t ‘see’ it, and also because he’s not certifiably insane like his sister. But he responded, “So you think if you came back in your next life as a fabric, this is what you’d be?” He hit the nail on the head. Exactly. This is my next life, a beautiful Lee Jofa hand embroidered colorful crewel from India.
Oh, I guess I should tell you how I’d use it. If I had an extra $2K lying around, I’d make our shower curtain out of it. Yes, our shower curtain. (and yes, this fabric is so expensive I swear it will probably cost close to that to have it made) When I told Lon (brother) and Tim (husband) this, they were like, “WHAT”? The reasons are:
1. We have no other windows in our big ole 1300sq foot house that I could use it on.
2. We bathe every single day. We spend a lot of time in your bathroom. Why not make it fine? Why use the fanciest fabric you can afford in your formal dining room that you use twice a year? What is the point of that? Yes, I want my dirty hands pushing this gorgeous shower curtain out of the way every single day. And in Tim’s case, 3 times a day.

Have you discovered your identical fabric twin?


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