July 15, 2009

I Heart Ikat Forever

I’m an Ikat lover. Some people don’t like it at all. Some people think it’s trendy and will go out of style. Some people just don’t like that ethnic look. I love it and will never get tired of it. It must have been growing smack dab in between Malaysia and Indonesia, where Ikat is everywhere, and has been, forever. Long before it was trendy my mother had traditional Ikats hanging on our walls, greeting us everyday. I just can’t get enough of that ‘ethnic chic’ look in interiors. I just made that up, ‘ethnic chic’. I love any kinda hand dyed, batik like fabric, Indian block prints, African Kuban textiles, you name it…pretty much any fabric representing culture.

Anyway. I’m drumming up a plan to use some Ikat in my new house, an oldie but goodie which I adore! I’m kicking myself now. I was in Bali last October, I could have easily picked up 12 yards of some amazing authentic Ikat off the side of the road. But back then all I could think about was how fast I could ride my moped to the beach, I had no clue I’d be a homeowner as of this Friday! Anyway, more on my projects later. They will all fall into place and be blog worthy in no time! For now I’ll leave you with this pic. Lovely.



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