July 22, 2009

Holland & Sherry

While perusing the Dec Center today, I fell in love. Of course. It happens every time. I just can’t get enough of fabrics. They make my head spin, with happiness. I’m kinda like Erika, they are better than shoes for me too. Since my budget is snug, and my house is tiny, I can’t use everything I’m in love with. But I just collect small memo’s here and there, with ideas in mind, hopefully if I can’t use them myself I can use them for a client and get my ‘fix’. Anyway, back to what I fell in love with today. Holland & Sherry. Ridiculous embroideries. Ridiculous. Like insane. Like it makes you want to touch a 7 foot hanging from top to bottom and then wrap it around your shoulders and hug it.

Ahh… if only you can see them in person. These photos do not do the exisit work justice. The embroidered fabrics with boarders are made to order for your curtains or bedspread or whatever. Amazing eh?



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