October 16, 2008

Hog's Heaven

Hey!! We’re in Bombay…and what a fun 24 hours I’ve had! We got into Singapore’s Changi Airport last night at around 8pm, and our flight out to Mumbai (I like the old school colonial name of Bombay, so I’ll be un-politically correct and use that!) left this morning at 7am. So instead of getting an airport hotel room or going to Ms. Carroll’s, we just ‘crashed at Changi‘! You might think, 12 hours in an airport…couldn’t be more miserable. Well, I will have you know, Changi’s brand spankin’ new Terminal 3 is the ultimate playground for women! I’ll show you a few things that kept me entertained:

Tried on this adorable Chloe shoulder bag. Perfect for plane rides and train rides.

Pretended to be a tai-tai playing dress up with this gorgeous jeweled fan clutch from the latest Shanghai Tang’s collection. Couldn’t even pick my favorite color they were all so gorgeous!

Completely fell in love with about 20 different hot pink and orange Indian themed Hermes scarves!

Took a mini shopping break to snack on my favorite snack from Deli France!

And of course had a coffee!

Spritzed myself with this new RL perfume, and thought about how much my sis looks like the pretty model in the ad campagin always wearing her signature signet ring!

Tried to hide Tim’s black Casio (my travel watch) to try on my most favorite timepiece in the world! Might be a little out of the price range right now…but it would never lose it’s value…I’m convinced it’s a far better investment than any mutual fund or stock…

Sound like fun? I highly recommend flying Singapore Airlines! Next time we’ll stay for longer to hit the spa (you can get facials and massages!) and lay out at the pool!

Tonight..Bollywood movie in Bombay. We already had palak paneer and masala for lunch! Tim’s napping (he didn’t really sleep much in Changi, spent the whole night watching soccer!!) So far, all we know is that Big India makes Lil India seem so small, it’s like a joke!



  1. Double L

    Terminal 1 was very good, Terminal 2 was excellent, Terminal 3…… sweet as!
    Enjoy Mumbai. I see the India/Aus test starts in Mohali today. Next test in Delhi at the end of the month, so there’s a possibility. Or better still you can hop across to Chittagong and watch NZ/Bangladesh. Huge!

  2. Meg

    Double L is back in action! Alright! Yes, as Tim said, T1 is horrendous & T2 is so ‘1996’! T3…completly world class!

    Tim is running around Bombay talking with EVERY Indian that will talk back, and he’s stooped to the lowest of lows, pretending to be an Aussie just to get some good cricket banter back and forth!


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