January 11, 2010

Hello? Anyone home?

(Meg & Tim at the Sugar Bowl)

Where have I been your whole life?! December swallowed me up and so far January has done the same. Before Christmas I trying to stay afloat while working on a photo shoot for a national magazine, holiday decorating, packing, wrapping, shopping and attempting to make our house look festive for our first Christmas here. Then we went up to San Francisco to visit my in laws for two weeks over Christmas. Then we arrived back to the south and headed straight for New Orleans to ring in ’10. Then we had my sister in law visiting and an Australian friend in town, and that brings me to today. Finally I can come up for air. I’ve abandoned this blog for a while now. At the end of last year I ran out of gas, and out of inspiration. Last week I was thinking, maybe I’ll just stop blogging all together. Do I really have anything interesting to write about or share? It takes up time and can be draining sometimes. This weekend I hibernated at home. I cleaned my office. I got organized. I made lists. I crossed things off lists. Now, I feel ready to come back. Ready for a New Year. Ready to blog again. Ready to be inspired! It feels good to be back!


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