August 31, 2008

Grown Not Made

My favorite restaurant is also a winery…I can’t get enough of it!

We’ve celebrated some memorable occasions here, birthdays, our engagement.. Of course when my family came over for a visit last Christmas, we all went and had a delicious lunch in the sun looking over the vines and lavender. It’s included in the Millbrook Category of my Top 3 favorite places!

note: LeSueur’s I didn’t mean to make your pics super small, the originals aren’t on this computer..long story, I’m working on being more computer literate I promise!
I love EVERYTHING about the interior..those leather club chairs and the exposed beams!! It’s simple, rustic, and totally comfortable.

I want to put my yo-yo’s in this gorgeous dome!!

You can barely see it, but there is snow on the tops of those mountains in the background, and there Tim is in short sleeves…love the weather too!



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