April 23, 2010

Glass Bottles

Here’s the mission: I want to transfer all of my products that are in plastic bottles, to cool looking glass ones. It’s a mission, kinda a crazy/unnecessary one. I love the neat look of glass bottles that are unmarked all lined up. I’ve only started in my bathroom and kitchen. I found these at Ikea and use them in my bathroom. I use the pump for face soap (cetaphil for life) and the stopper one holds bubble bath. I need more for shampoo etc. My issue with these is that you have to buy that set to get those two bottles. I really love the pump and that greenish tint. I need some help finding some other larger ones. Does anyone have a good source for glass bottles? I like these with that little screw lid. But I think I need a pretty big one to hold my laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent!

I have this one on my kitchen sink with dish soap and I’m thinking about getting another couple for olive oil and vinegar:

Again, any sources would be greatly appreciated! I might try our local kitchen/restaurant wholesale place near my house…I’ll let you know if I hit the jackpot there!



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