August 17, 2009

Giddy Up & H@ck$RS

Last Thursday and Friday I was busy scanning all of the photos of Mark Bagdley and James Mischka’s Kentucky farm featured in Elle Decor September 09. I am obsessed with this house. There is not one room I don’t like. Love it all, drooled over it all, got excited about every photo. I was scanning the images not only for my little blog, but also for my files. Well I was having major problems getting these photos up, and Tim’s parents were coming into town, so I just thought, forget it. Blogging will have to wait this time. Turns out Tim’s computer had a mean, scary, nasty virus, and our Facebook & Gmail accounts got hacked into! No wonder we were having such drama with the computer & internet all last week, gee whiz! In the mean time Erin has done a great post on this house, make sure to read it. I couldn’t help posting a few more photos, they are so good looking! That ballet pink guest bedroom amongst all the masculinity of the house, fabulous!

Love the Leontine monograms! A lot of the furniture in their farm came from places like Restoration Hardware, of course mixed with Hermes throws.

I’m totally obsessed with their kitchen…the double sinks, brass hardware, mixing of materials. Gorgeous! Oh by the way, thinking of kitchen’s I’m obsessed with, also check out more of Jenna Lyons kitchen photos and different angles here…I was excited to see that, love Jenna Lyons. Remember that issue of Domino is the one I just had to have.

In the middle of the night when our friends around the world were calling and texting us that my email had been hacked into, I was telling Tim, “I just hope they haven’t gotten into my blog!” Ha!


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