September 8, 2008

Flower Power

We went to the Orchid Garden today…it was so beautiful. Tim had never been! I can remember taking Christmas card pictures here our first year living in Singapore!!

Hopefully I can grow some orchids in Houston when we move there!! Seeing how beautiful these were was very inspiring!

These are my all time favorite orchids, the Oncidium Orchid. Tiny, yellow and delicate, they are so exotic!
These are like tie-dye!

Sorry I’ve gone a bit snap crazy..and these are only like half the pictures I took!

We brought Miss Sharon some of these red ones home the other day, they were $4.70 for six stems…amazing right?This odd corkscrew purple one was the Margaret Thatcher Hybrid!
I had to take one of the sweet smelling Frangipani! I wish I could post on this blog how those flowers smell…
Excuse these cheesy poses, we had to do poses like all of the other Asian tourists around! I had to take this one for Robyn, those lighter purple ones behind are her favorites!



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