September 9, 2009

Dining Room Proposal

Yesterday when I was at the Dec Center I stumbled up on this fabric. I came home and put it in a basket I keep of fabrics I want to use in my house. It’s from Pindler. It’s inexpensive. It looks just like the lovely Flowering Quince, by Clarence House. Upon further reflection I remembered that I live in a 1280 square foot house, I do not have nearly enough space, windows or furniture for all the fabric swatches I save for me. That brings me to this proposition. This fabric will haunt me until I can use it somewhere, and if it can’t be for me, I want to use it for YOU. So, if you love it, let me know. Let’s design something with it. I think it would be perfect in a dining room. Ooo. I can see it already. Either upholstered walls, or beautiful draperies. Or both. So classy.

Images: here and here


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