October 19, 2008

Dehli and then some…

We survived the 17 hour train ride! I’m worn out. For some reason my left hand got bit by something and is swollen like twice the size of the other one. Tim said if he knew my skin would be reacting to so many things on this trip he would have bought a mesh suit for me to travel in, he expected that I was ‘a tough’ coming from Louisiana. But I’m not. And now I have a fat hand.

The food on the train was delicious! Better than any plane ride I’ve ever taken, loved it, even ate the strange orange dessert, but it tasted like cardamom which I love! Getting off the train, that was a nightmare. Thousands of people. Kids stormed the train as soon as the doors opened, stepping on our feet and pushing us out of the way to try to find our leftovers of water bottles and newspapers. Easily a panic situation, it’s enough to drive you insane.

There’s Tim in a Dehli crowd. Oh geez, makes you stressed looking at it right?

This was outside of the station, again, hard to capture the thousands of people!
Then we had to climb in, with all of our bags, into this tiny auto rickshaw. They are just ridiculous, no seatbelts, flying over potholes, weaving in and out of traffic, totally unsafe…

This is how close they get to other rickshaws and cars! Eeeek! But at least ours had an embossed moc-croc vinyl as the interior…so chic!

We’re staying out of the riff raff, thank the Lord, in this Tibetan Refugee Colony. It’s quiet, the people are sweet and there is turquoise everywhere! I haven’t taken many pictures of it yet, but I’ll show you tomorrow!
We watched the sunset at the Gate of India tonight. It was beautiful, there were families everywhere playing cricket and having picnics.

I forgot to tell ya’ll about our Bollywood movie, “Hello”. It was in Hindi! No English, not even subtitles! But because the acting is so superb, you can really get the gist, we followed along just fine! The best part was at the beginning, everyone in the theater stood to sing the Indian National Anthem!



  1. Mizz Molly

    Wow! India looks just like I imagined it…so many people! I especially enjoyed the picture of you reading Vogue in your bunkbed…so classy!

  2. Meg

    MOL! You would love the shopping in India, everything is so colorful! I’m dying for Cher to write me about your trip to Chicago! I miss you girls so much 😉 xxx


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