September 3, 2009

Decorating with Baskets

About three or four weeks ago I picked up some baskets. I bought them knowing I wouldn’t really use them but I’d hang them on my wall as art. They are handmade by women in Tonga, I immediately feel in love with them, they are art. I bought everyone they had, which was only three. Then last Saturday on my way home from yoga I slammed on my brakes after seeing a ‘garage sale’ sign. Miraculously at this garage sale there was another one of these exact baskets I had bought…except a BIGGER one! Score! Since then they’ve been neatly stacked under a table waiting to be hung. (I have to paint first, which starts this weekend.)

Fast forward to Tuesday night. I’m finally getting around to reading September’s House Beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get to the infamous amazing home of Windsor Smith. There they were…my baskets, on her wall. I was so excited, maybe Windsor and I have a similar eye?! I wish! Anyway, I’ll show you mine when they’re up!


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