April 2, 2009

Dear Tim, Love Meg

April 5, 2008 – Napoleonville, Louisiana

The first week I lived in NZ, celebrating my birthday!

Sometimes I worry about my blog. I primarily only talk about things involving interiors or travel, or hotels, or fashion or some product to buy. All of which are quite frivolous. You can live with out this stuff, and you can certainly live without being obsessed, or preoccupied with those things. The majority of this earth doesn’t give a hoot about any of the material that makes up my blog. Although those things interest me, which is why I blog about them, they don’t define me; they aren’t the most important thing to me. I don’t want to give out the wrong impression to my few readers, most of you know me so it’s ok, but some of you don’t. I want you to know that what I value most in my life, is my loving relationship and life with my husband. The most important thing to me is this sweet darling man, who I was lucky to marry exactly one year ago.

As I move around and get older, I realize how much life changes. You move into different roles, in your family, with your priorities. Everyone around you is not always changing at the same rate or on the same wavelength as you, but Tim is there every day, witnessing it all, apart of it all. I lived in New Zealand with Tim before we got married, so I didn’t think being married would change me, him, our relationship, or our life. But wow, it sure has. And what an exciting journey and trip (uh, literally) it has been. We are now one unit, hand in hand, stepping together in the same direction. We have been so fortunate to see the world together, through each others eyes. We balance each other out, ying and yang, one who can read maps, one who can’t. Tim’s opinions and thoughts are the ones that matter most, Tim is the person I want to travel with, he is the guy that I can spend every minute, 24 hours a day with for 125 days in 8 countries, and still wanna hang out with. He makes me laugh. all the time. I’m so happy and proud of our marriage, this is what I really want to prioritize and continue focusing on.

Hiking in Queenstown, NZ

Since we’ve lived together we’ve lived in 5 homes, 3 cities, 2 countries, we’ve traveled the world and said ‘I Do’. It hasn’t always been easy, breezy. But we work together, and get through the harder times. We’ve seen others experience much harder times than anything we’ve endured, and are thankful for our families, health and education. Our recent change and move wasn’t a total piece of cake, but we are so fortunate for our supportive parents, siblings and friends. I try to be a better person, remember where I came from, pray for those in need, and continuously be grateful for the blessings in my world. Anyway, that is all. I just wanted to wish Tim a Happy 1st anniversary, tell him I love him, and thank him for being my other half.

side note: I’m not normally this verbal, thank you for reading!

I love this one! Agra, India

We love to sing, and dance, and laugh…I have a great singing pic that isn’t uploading at the moment…but will come soon!


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