February 27, 2009

Cute & Sweet

My husband says that the highest honor I bestow upon anything, is the description, “Cute & Sweet”. Just cute, umm…it’s ok. Only sweet, not quite 100%. But if I describe something as both cute and sweet…well, that is serious praise. I’m absolutely dying to go to Japan. I was on the verge of doing the Jet program, but I moved to New Zealand for love instead. I know I’ll get there one day, I’m fortunate to have a few Japanese friends who are lovely!

Anyway, anything and everything Japanese is cute and sweet. I love the food, I could never tire of sushi or miso. I love tiny, miniature things and my love affair with Hello Kitty began at an early age (not quite to the extent of Kimora Lee though). If there was a Muji in my city, I would be in serious trouble. And of course, I love the fabrics. I was too slow in getting to Target to get one of Thakoon’s Shibori Print dresses….urgh!

Right now, sitting in a box, inside a bigger box, somewhere in a container, in the middle of some South Carolina dock, are about 200 pieces of vintage Kimono silk squares that I have cut, organized, and planned to sew into a quilt. It’s a project I’ve had going on since about 2005. The fabric is delicate, each square unique, and I’m hand stitching the entire thing. Each piece has a border of off-white raw silk sewn around it. I imagine backing it in black velvet. One day it will be finished. I’m really in no rush. Obviously. Whenever my shipment shows up, I’ll post some pictures. Once it’s finished, probably around 2020, I’ll post pictures of the final product!

This is a long winded story…all I meant to do was show you how cute and sweet Chidoriyaworld’s things are! I’m dying for one of the combs…I think it might make my hair as beautiful and shiny as a Japanese womans, one can hope! The comb is made of Tsuge Boxwood, soaked in Camellia oil, doesn’t it sound nice? Artisans in Osaka have carved the Chidori birds into it!

After you’ve combed your hair, you can tie it in a neat knot with one of these:

Glasses go here:
Coins go here:
And because all Japanese women are shop-a-holics … a darling credit card holder:
The pieces of my quilt have all of these colors , the fabrics are retro/ikatish/shibori etc…they are amazing!

Chidoriya’s World has been making beauty products, bags and accessories since 1949. They were originally made for the trend setting Geisha’s and fashionista Maiko dancing girls of Kyoto. Thanks to globalization we get to enjoy them now too!



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