August 5, 2015


Creating custom pieces is one of our favorite ways to design. By designing custom, you are allowing your creative self to dream up anything in the world and watch it come to life. You can explore endless options by picking bits and pieces from multiple sources to create your own custom piece. Today we want to share with you Meg’s idea of a custom nap mat. There is no age limit on design; even Margot deserves a custom nap mat from London. Finding your sources is one of the most important things when creating custom. You have to be able to share your ideas with a credible source and trust that they can bring your ideas to life. Starting with a sketch is the most logical way to get your ideas out. Here is the first sketch of Margo’t #custom nap mat fully bringing the idea to life:

sketchIn this sketch we have provided the dimensions, details, and specifications that will go into creating the mat. With this drawing, we can start the next step, our favorite… choosing the design: the color scheme, fabrics, ties, patterns, textures, etc. We also sent over fabric and tie inspiration and with all of these ideas on the table, we are hoping to get Margot the chicest custom nap mat there ever was.




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