September 7, 2009

Chores of a Homeowner

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. This is what I’ve been up to…

I’ve started with the ceiling first. Two new coats of paint. Weekend after next, comes the walls. Sometime down the road after that, the trim. I’m so over that beige color that came with this house. My shoulders and neck are killing me, 10 foot ceilings will do that to you. Painting is hard work, but I love that you can see the results immediately!

Remember my brick wall? Ew, you can even see a corner of my purple kitchen wall in this photo. Yes, the kitchen came painted LSU purple. I think the beige bothers me more though. But believe me, the purple will be next to go! Anyway, I tried a new technique that involved leaving the stripper on for 24 hours and then sanding. It didn’t work. This brick wall is killing me. How on earth are you supposed to get that paint off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The first layer comes off fine. The second, third and fourth ones don’t even budge. I’m thinking I might just have to live with a half painted brick wall, like this photo below:
If you look on the back wall it looks amazing right? Maybe it’s just that killer rug that is so amazing. Ok, I better get back to work…



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