February 1, 2019

Champagne​ & Sweet Treats

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks – Do you have plans yet? I have 2 dates this year!

Since Valentine’s day is on a Thursday this year Tim and I decided to celebrate with our children on the 14th with takeout and a movie. Margot and Julian are picking the movie. I found this awesome Pixie Dust Popcorn recipe that I can’t wait to make, I think the kiddos are going to love it.

On the 15th we are going to have dinner and drinks, Tim is surprising me so I don’t know where we are going, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter where we go. Valentines Day is about celebrating your love for each other – I know its cheesy but secretly I love it – Getting all dressed up, going on a real date, staying in a fancy hotel…doing all the stuff you used to do when you first started dating just stepped it up a few notches ; )



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