Toy Chair

Oooo, I love Philippe Starck’s Toy Chair. And I love it even more in this setting!Image: here

Come Over for a Swing!

While I was busy all weekend entertaining my in laws and watching my husband swim, bike and run 70.3 miles in his first half ironman triathlon, my parents were hauling my new swing over the Louisiana/Texas state border. I love it!I pretty much love any front porch,...

Ain't No Sunshine

This guy would look good on our new deck! (until we can have a proper awning)

Crepe Myrtle Inside Your Home!

Need a new candle recommendation? Novelle’s Crepe Myrtle is hard to beat!”CREPE MYRTLE – Narcotic in its allure, a landmark in southern landscapes for centuries. This unique intermingling of white honeysuckle, light citrus and exotic green wood is...

Summering in Provence

Wanna take a quick trip with me? Sometimes I get accused of not living in the real world, this post is an example of why. I like to think that maybe Tim and I will have a little summer place in Provence. You know, we’d spend eight weeks there every year, sending...