July 7, 2009

Boulder Fun Guide

Have you been to Boulder, Colorado? I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder, it was really fun, probably too much fun. This is what it looked like, 300 days of the year when it was sunny. Yea, looks kinda perfect? Boulder is a little bit like that.

And when it wasn’t sunny, it looked like this:

This past weekend Tim and I went to visit some old friends from Boulder who now live in Denver. We spent the first day hanging out at my old haunts around town. Tim had to tell me to stop saying, “awwww”…everywhere I looked I thought, “awww”! And now I’m torturing myself a little doing this post. I really really miss the lifestyle there.

5280 magazine has this to say about Boulder:

Once dubbed as ‘the little town nestled between the mountains and reality,” Boulder boasts a wealth of recreational and cultural activities, from 200 miles of year-round trails to the summer Colorado Shakespeare Festival. For shopping, gallery hopping, a leisurely mean, and more, you can’t miss the Pearl Street Mall and it’s offshoots- a mix of independent boutiques and book-sellers, restaurants, cafés, art galleries, antique and import stores, concert halls, farmer’s markets, day spas, yoga studios, and the always entertaining street performers. The reality is that Boulder has it all.

What a great place, you have to go visit. Plan a trip, go ahead, do it! And when you’re there, here are some places not to be missed…


Chelsea: fun girly boutique, guaranteed to find something cute. I remember about 7 years ago I discovered Hanky Panky’s there when a 70 year old hippie lady was buying about10 pair, I thought, these Hanky Panks must be good, I’ve worn nothing else but them since!

Max: best clothes ever. All designer and very expensive. But a girl can dream, wander and window shop. My friend Mo and I went to their outlet store in Denver this past weekend, I tried to squeeze into a pair of Hemlut Lang skinny black pants on sale with no luck. If you can catch their semi-annual sidewalk sale you’ll find the best deals ever on some great, collectible clothes.

West End Gardener
: such a cute charming place. I love everything in here because it’s all garden related and feels so warm and fuzzy. There are some great gift items, and even if you’re not a gardener, it’s pretty heavenly.

Boulder Book Store
: Makes you never want to go here or here again! Every book and magazine under the sun, a great little cafe attached, and all sorts of interesting talks, signings and events. It’s very much Meg Ryan’s, “The Shop Around the Corner.”

Finally, my fave. HW Home. Obsessed. I drug Tim to the Boulder store, and then to the huge one in Denver. It’s great. From Hickory Chair to Dwell Studio, there is a little bit of everything. Most of it, drool worthy. I could do a whole post on it, but I’ll just show you these pics, definitely go browse online!


The Med
: Tapas, wine, happy hour. It’s always a good time. The courtyard on a pretty night is hard to beat.

The Village Coffee Shop: Trucker style breakfast after a long night. Best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had.

Spruce Confections
: A latte and piece of banana spice bread during an afternoon of shopping on Pearl Street, you think you’re in Europe!

The Kitchen: Because you have to go organic in Boulder, and because it has the best design, graphics and concept of any restaurant I’ve ever been to, and because the food is really really that good. I just saw they have recipes on their site, huge!

Half Fast Subs: A college favorite. About a gazillion subs to choose from, and pitchers of Long Islands. I missed it so much when I moved to New Zealand I wanted to open my own. Some how, it only really fits in Boulder though.

Everything else…

Chautauqua: Gotta hike in Boulder. The trails are everywhere, expect to see dogs and friendly people, and to smell mountain air.

Boulder Farmers Market: So quaint and full of goodness. Every Wednesday and Saturday near Bo
ulder Creek.
St. Julien Hotel: If I spent the night in Boulder in a hotel, it would be here. Highly recommended, amazing location and top notch style.

Pearl Street: It’s all about watching the crazy street performers, kids playing in fountains, wildflowers blooming, wandering in and out of art galleries, bike shops, kayak shops, kite shops, hammock shops, and everything else between!

Dushanbe Tea House: An experience unlike any other. A gift to its sister city Boulder all the way from Dushanbe, Tajikistan; this tea house is 100% hand painted and hand carved. It’s calm, relaxing and reminds you to respect other cultures and traditions. The flowers always seem to be blooming here.

Flagstaff Mountain
: Driving to the top gives you an amazing view of Boulder, on a clear day you can see all the way to Denver. Or if you want to be real hardcore and very Boulderish, you bike to the top.

That’s all folks. I’m sure I’m missing a few things here and there, but I’ll let you discover those for yourself!



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