April 24, 2009

Birdy Bird

My mom has these little birds that are nesting in the range of her stove. I know that sounds weird, but you can hear them. They aren’t inside the house or anything, it’s like they live in the exhaust pipe system. (you can tell how much I know about home construction…nada) Anyway, you can hear these little babies chirp when you’re in the kitchen. It’s sweet. That side of birds I like. The birds I don’t like are the ones that traumatized me as a child, Hitchcock’s version. Ever since I’ve been a little ‘on the fence’ (pun intended) about how I feel about birds/birds in nature/birds as pets/bird motifs/bird wallpaper/bird related things like nests/bird anything. Help me decide, are birds hot or not?

Bird Charms

Bird Necklaces

Bird Wall Decals
Bird Irish Tea Towels

(saw this on Craigslist, antique cage..kind love it)

Bird Wallpaper

I’m not very feminine in my decor tastes usually, but these birds are so pretty….love the drama of the black background.

Bird Cards

Good for Mothers Day for all Mom bird lovers out there!

Bird Feathers
Bird Pets
Bird Art

When I was in India, I fell in love with some original botanical drawings of exotic birds and fruit of India. They were painted by British artist James Forbes around 1813. On a backpackers budget they were slightly out of our price range, but I’m still thinking about them today!

Humm… what do you think? Birds cool or uncool?



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