September 15, 2009

Before & After: Dumpster Chairs

We rang in the New Year ’09 at our camp in south Louisiana. {A camp in Louisiana is like a holiday house, or weekend house, ours is a little more ‘rough’ than your typical lake house. I’ll take some good pictures come Thanksgiving.} Our camp is on pilings, or huge stilts in the water/bayou, you have to get there by a boat.

Anyway, when we were there in January I found some chairs, near the dump on the wharf at our lake, where our camp is. Below is the ‘Attakapas Landing’ where we dock our boat and park our car before heading out to our camp. This is where I found my chairs. They had huge bags of empty beer cans on them, leaking old, hot, smelly beer all over the place. Any normal person would have left those chairs to rot.

Before. Many years, probably around 60, were spent drinking, smoking and eating gumbos in these chairs.

After. Newly recovered on my front porch, waiting for their grand entrance inside!

Once I finish painting I’ll show you some more of how the room/colors are coming along!!!

Ta Da!! They are wild, but I love that! I could just picture myself dressed up, Mad Men style, smoking a fag and drinking a high ball in these back around 1962. Wanna join me and come over?!



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