June 11, 2009

BeeLine Home

You might have heard of Bunny Williams through these:

I had the fortunate pleasure of being introduced to Bunny last Wednesday when I went to see her new line of furniture, BeeLine Home, at Mecox Gardens! Mecox is an amazing store with furniture and curiosities from all over the world. It is a great space for Bunny’s unique pieces to be showcased through!

Bunny’s line has a little something for everyone. Her catalog is a gorgeous little hard backed book, you’d expect nothing less from this publishing guru! Now on to the good stuff…

I love a tufted chair!
The back of this chair can be swapped out for different fabrics and colors, if you look closely the mechanism is similar to the back of a picture frame.

This table was one of my favorites! It would never go out of style, so classic!

This relief made of resin was huge! Bunny told me later that white is the new black.

I loved this coffee table, it had a Middle Eastern feel to it.

There were so many fine details up close on this dining chair, It had a taupe tape on the edges that was so good looking!

I loved the colors of these crewel cushions!
They went nicely on this olive green velvet sofa…check out the detail of the nail head at the bottom!

Bunny told me she has the original of this mirror in her powder room!

Finally this desk was my absolute favorite. Tim would have loved it. Bunny told me she works from it in New York. It has holes for your computer cables through the back, which can slide down the hollow metal leg on to the floor, becoming completely invisible! Genius! I loved the ledge where you can prop up magazines, and papers where they can be easily seen.

Overall I had such a great time viewing Bunny’s furniture! She was lovely to chat with, completely humble and down to earth, so sweet! All of her pieces are limited editions so hurry and get yours soon!



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