January 20, 2009


One of my favorite shops in India is called Anokhi…I went there twice, in Delhi and Jaipur. I just discovered they have a US website! Pretty cool. I’ll show you what I got:

Place mats and napkins out of this pattern…which go with our Match china…one day we’ll be able to throw little dinner parties again with our friends, and now that we’re in Houston, our families can come too!

We got a quilt for our ‘guest room’ that looks like this:

Pretty right? We have a black iron bed that it will go folded on the end of, I think it will look inviting for all of our guests!

Anokhi is based in Jaipur, the region of Rajasthan which is known for its arts and craftsmen. Anokhi is famous for keeping the old skills and traditions alive, while supporting their artists and treating their employees well. Their textiles are made of cotton, and the patterns are designed with hand carved wooden blocks. The dyes and color they use are all made from vegetables, aren’t they natural and beautiful?



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